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We help businesses leverage on modern digital technology to market their products and services to online masses by directing their target market to their doorstep whenever their audience is looking for what they offer.

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Glendcoop Studio is headquartered in the Free State, South Africa. Glendcoop Studio  has achieved over 1,000% growth in the past 3 years, investing in a business model that focuses on Customer and Employee retention/happiness.

Glenda Maleke, CEO and Founder, is a pioneer to the digital marketing space. She began her career as a Financial Consultant. In 2017, her boss asked her to “help get the web site to rank higher in the search engines” (Google).

Glenda accepted the challenge and began taking online courses to learn how the search engines worked. She quickly learned of the potential impact SEO could have on website’s ranking in the search engines. Glenda’s passion grew and she decided to create her own company.  On a shoe string budget, and without accruing any debt, Glendcoop Studio has grown from a “One-Man Band” to a National Brand.

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The biggest pro of hiring Glendcoop Studio to handle your marketing is that you can spend all your time and effort on running your business. That means getting more investors and closing more deals

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